The Neptune Series LED Lighting:

 A New Generation of Economical LED Street Lighting

Product Size

Units in mm

Prospective Deign

Corrosion Resistance


The entire lamp contains a powder coating which protects against fading and corrosion in harsh conditions.

Configurable LED Street Light Adapter


The Lamp contains a clear scale adapter which can adjust the angle from 0  to 120 degrees.

Waterproof: IP67


The Lamp is equipped with a silicone ring sealing process protection rating of IP67. This prevents water and dust from entering the lamp.

Anti-Typhoon 17


After professional wind tunnel tests with speeds of 56m/s, there is no looseness or distortion in the lamp.


The Neptune LED Lighting Series can be used on highways, elevated roads, city streets, sidewalks, town squares, schools, industrial complexes, parks, and more.

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 Contact Phone: 417-337-7446 Email:
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